About Us

Real Estate Ranker is the creation of software engineer/researcher/homeowner Noah Blumberg. His 20-year tech career has spanned stints at companies devoted to media, events, search, education, and dining. He comes from a family of real estate professionals and has owned his home since 2010.

The staggering amount of data that is relatively easy to access presents so many possiblities for the creation of new efficiencies. With his background in test automation, Noah saw homeowners and realtors doing repetitive work that could be elminated if only someone took the time to automate it. The job of evaluating properties city-wide is something most people can’t even attempt because of the huge amount of work it would require. Noah wanted to enable people to do more with less time and make better decisions backed up by data.

Launched in December, 2021, Real Estate Ranker offers ranking lists for real estate properties in a given city. It’s also a website that offers data-driven insights about real estate markets, informed by its ranking list tool.