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☕️ 2 min read By Noah Blumberg
Beautiful House on a Hill

Welcome and thanks for being here! Real Estate Ranker provides insight into the value of real estate properties. Most people know to look at price per square foot but beyond that it's a lot of guesswork. How does someone look deeper to find which properties present the best value? Now there is a better way using data. We look at square feet, of course, but also all the relevant amenities and various location data points in order to look more wholistically at how much you get for your money.

Does this mean you should take our ranking list for a particular city and make an offer based soley on that list? No, of course not! There are relevant pieces of information that are not captured cleanly in the data. For instance, recency of renovations, the condition of any buildings on the property, and your own personal sense of taste. Some of the top value properties are contractor's specials and for good reason. It's good to be a contractor where you can buy a property at an exceptional price, put your own skills to work, and capture a tremendous value. These types of properties are relatively rare though. Our ranking tool saves countless hours as it does hundreds of calculations on thousands of data points to create a ranking list.

You can follow our blog and look at the lists we post for various U.S. cities or you can order a custom list directly. A custom list can be for any U.S. city with less than 1000 properties for sale (all but the largest U.S. cities qualify) and will include more data points on every property for sale. The lists we post are abbreviated and truncated for display purposes, a custom ordered list is neither. We hope you find our lists helpful and we are very interested in your feedback.

Techologically speaking, this site is clone of James K Nelson's npx create-react-blog which is a clone of a clone of Dan Abramov's overreacted.io using create-react-app-mdx and Navi. If you're curious to know more, see the tools list below.

The tools

  • React renders the UI
  • MDX converts markdown into React components
  • Navi handles routing and creates static HTML files for each route
  • create-react-app builds the app’s assets and provides the dev server