The Best Value Properties in Franklin, TN

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Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville, has been called one of the best places to live in the U.S. for 2021. Nearby Hendersonville has also made this list recently which points to the fact that there is generally a lot of interest and real estate speculation in the Nashville area. About Nashville, Norada Real Estate Investments says, "Even if you're purchasing today at what you consider to be inflated prices, a new price high is likely to emerge in the coming years."

The Properties

You can get a lot of land for the money in Franklin. The average lot on our list has an astounding 357,273 square feet which equates to 8.2 acres! That's a ton of space. The average property price is also a bit astounding unfortunately: $2,372,252. Of course for both metrics, the average values are pulled way up by several large and expensive properties on the high end.

Buying an "as-is" or "needs work" property presents a big challenge and a possibly a big opportunity. Our ranking tool has put an "as-is" property in the #1 position for obvious reasons. The price is below market for the 15 acres and home that you're getting. So if you're inclined to renovate, you could have a solid investment at a low price. There are great advantages and challenges to buying a real estate property like this. You can make money if you put competent work into the property if you sell at the right time. There's also the advantage of being able to choose the changes, whether they be finishes or full-fledged construction. When you renovate or "rehab" a property, you may be able to take advantage of unique financing via 203(K) Rehab Mortgage Insurance.

If you're looking for something more move-in ready but still affordable, the #4 property is a great value. You still get a nice-sized half-acre lot and a very large 4000+ square foot home at well under a million dollars.

The Nashville Area on the Rise

The relatively low prices and growing earning potential for residents are drawing people. However, new residents from out of state are flocking to the Nashville area which is driving prices up. Nashville suburb Murfreesboro was the #1 Boomtown for 2021, according to SmartAsset, because of its growing population, new housing, and growing wages. The top industries in the area are "Health Care Management, Automobile Production, Finance, Higher Education, Insurance, Music Production, Printing & Publishing, Technology Manufacturing, and Tourism."

Reading Resources

Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian Lot Size(SqFt)Median HOA Fee
Score**PropertyZipX**TypeBedsSqFtLot Size(sqft)Price

3854 New Highway 96 W
1.00single family31050653,400$748,000

5795 S Lick Creek Rd
1.00single family336741,270,645$1,999,500

4655 Murfreesboro Rd
1.06single family3944130,680$299,900

400 Logans Cir
1.06single family5412920,909$729,000

6011 Garrison Springs Rd
1.00single family535573,397,680$5,495,000

5472 Pinewood Rd
1.00single family318721,533,312$2,800,000

5190 Old Harding Rd
1.00single family8256002,630,153$8,500,000

475 Franklin Rd
1.05single family32022217,800$895,000

1858 Wilson Pike
1.06single family44710318,859$2,000,000

3976 E McEwen Dr
1.06single family43123164,221$1,200,000

417 Forrest St
1.00multi family315009,750$325,000

7501 Ivorybill Ln
1.00single family55225304,920$2,500,000

4996 Green Herron Ln
1.00single family44190218,671$2,099,950

4430 Buchanan Ln
1.00single family553193,142,418$7,500,000

1700 Championship Blvd
1.00single family6578816,988$1,995,000

2245 Oakleaf Dr
1.00single family4448043,124$1,300,000

9591 Clovercroft Rd
1.06single family422711,865,239$4,700,000

273 Dandridge Dr
1.06single family3207628,750$625,000

4490 Harpeth School Rd
1.00single family3198092,347$875,900

454 River Bluff Dr
1.00single family433048,276$945,000

2164 Albany Dr
1.06single family4426259,677$1,699,000

2289 Henpeck Ln
1.00single family3277162,726$950,000

146 Barlow Dr
1.00single family4243710,019$712,000

128 Brilliantine Cir
1.00single family325432,178$724,916

225 Oak Dr
1.00single family4139513,068$485,900
*This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.