The Best Value Properties in Pueblo, CO

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Pueblo, Colorado is a city of about 115,000 people and is just 2 hours South of Denver. Livability calls Pueblo the #4 city for first time homebuyers and, according to PolicyGenius, Pueblo is the #4 place in which to invest in real estate. This is a great combination of factors for Pueblo real estate. Let's look at what's going on in Pueblo and take stock of the real estate properties currently for sale that get you the most for your money.

Low Prices with Strong Appreciation

The biggest factor that makes Pueblo a good place for homebuyers and investors is affordability. On average, prices in Pueblo are less than half that of homes in Denver. The Nation Association of Home Builders tracks a metric called "Housing Opportunity Index" or HOI. HOI is "the share of homes sold in that area that would have been affordable to a family earning the local median income". Pueblo has an outstanding HOI of 57.6, meaning that 57.6% of the homes sold in Pueblo were affordable to the typical family. This is the 9th best score out of the 60 ranked in the Western region of the U.S.

Buyers in Pueblo can expect a nice rate of return on their investment as home values have increased in recent years. Year over year prices are up 24% and 76% over 5 years. Based on 1-year appreciation, Pueblo ranks as 20th best city.

PolicyGenius puts the number of appreciation of the last 5 years at 80%. As of today, WalletInvestor predicts a 7% increase in the next year and a 35% over 5 years. Investors will be happy to see the low 3.64% vacancy rate.

The Properties

When you see a real estate property over a million dollar at the top of our ranking list, you'll either see an enormous house or an enormous lot or both. This time, it's both. Our #1 property has a 4,168 sqft home on an amazingly huge 342.1 acre lot.

For an investor with the wherewithal to build, property #6 is an attractive prospect. The super low $49,000 list price is only for the lot as the home appears to be a teardown. However, the 1.27x zip code is desirable and promises to be a profitable project once something livable is placed on the lot. See a description of zipX on our FAQs page.

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Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian Lot Size(SqFt)
Score**PropertyZipX**TypeBedsSqFtLot Size(sqft)Price

7608 Lakeview Dr
1.18single family4416814,901,876$1,100,000

6472 Galbreth Rd
1.18single family29181,742,400$275,000

4110 Rock Creek Rd
1.18single family330001,784,218$549,999

7719 Willow Spring Dr
1.08single family466292,064,744$849,000

43401 Olson Rd
1.07single family317541,568,160$450,000

7668 W Pine Bluff Dr
1.08single family459181,742,400$885,000

1218 Rio Grande Ave
1.27single family411553,223$49,000

2107 Hillside Cir
1.19single family7656620,038$435,000

35270 Ford Rd
1.27single family43296206,910$430,000

1200 S Calle Arroyito Dr
1.40single family6499496,703$594,000

1073 W El Esperante Dr
1.40single family45374211,266$750,000

5672 St Charles River Dr
1.08single family415226217,800$1,250,000

1617 Palmer Ave
1.08multi family835608,184$325,000

118 E Mesa Ave
1.27single family314962,373$105,000

400 S Neilson Ave
1.07single family42068224,770$425,000

214 Santa Fe Dr
1.27single family4200456,976$239,000

416 W Archer Dr
1.40single family5482016,030$572,000

1510 LA Salle Rd
1.27single family74640344,560$1,549,000

2825 Lake Ave
1.08multi family4340050,835$365,000

1114 N Knotty Pine Ln
1.40single family5384948,352$524,900

1021 W Valparaiso Dr
1.40single family5356754,014$514,900

1577 N Heron Ct
1.40single family5284053,143$465,000

206 Alhambra Dr
1.18single family5540112,807$649,900

4720 Desert Candle Dr
1.07single family5500812,197$569,900

107 W 11th St
1.00single family828287,650$374,900
*This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.