The Best Value Properties in Fayetteville, AR

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Fayetteville, Arkansas's housing market has tightened significantly in recent years. Plentiful jobs from large employers and flagging housing supply has driven up demand for Fayetteville real estate and, consequently, has driven up prices. It's a familiar story for many of the cities we've written about. Fayetteville is considered one of the best places to live in the U.S. and so there's lots of competition for limited housing which results in higher prices for real estate properties. As people get priced out of home purchases, they compete for rentals which drives rents up.

Short Housing Supply and Lots of Demand

With strong competition for rentals, we're not surprised to see Fayetteville on RENTcafe's list of the Most Competitive Rental Markets in 2021. It takes the #32 spot. Rentals are only vacant for an average of 15 days per year with an average of 17 prospective renters per rental.

Appreciation has been very strong for Fayetteville recently as it has for most sought-after locales in the U.S. This is caused by low supply and high demand driven by population growth in Northwest Arkansas. Among the 264 cities ranked by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Fayetteville ranks 55th in appreciation for the last year at 20.37%. It's an impressive number, but still quite a bit behind the #1 city, Boise, which has an average appreciation of 34.75% over the last year.

One concern about rising prices in Fayetteville is affordability. Wages in the area have not come close to keeping pace with the increase in real estate prices. If housing prices are too high for most people in the area to live comfortably, people will choose to leave. In that case, the market would naturally correct pricing with less people creating decreased demand and consequently lower prices. As an investor looking to recoup in the near term, this is an issue worth keeping an eye on.

The Properties

The #1 property really stands out for one reason —a huge lot. Almost 100 acres for less than a million bucks. There's a small house on the property, but there's enough land to expand, build something new, or anything else you can imagine.

If you're looking for land but have a limited budget, our #5 property should be interesting to you. You get 3 acres and a very small house in need of a total renovation. The price, at $95,000, is around a quarter of the price for the median property in the area. A contractor or developer who could rehab or build on the property would be the ideal buyer.

Perhaps the most intriguing move-in-ready real estate property is #9. The 3-acre property has an 1800 square foot house and is in a desirable 1.13 zipX zip code. The asking price is below the median, so it shouldn't be on the market for much longer. Check our FAQs page for an explanation of zipX.

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Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian Lot Size(SqFt)Median HOA Fee
Score**PropertyZipX**TypeBedsSqFtLot Size(sqft)Price

15860 E Black Oak Rd
1.10single family313804,326,815$989,000

14439 N Ua Beef Farm Wc # 845
1.08single family252003,017,401$1,385,400

573 Reed Valley Rd
1.08single family552691,448,370$1,350,000

1691 S Dead Horse Mountain Rd
1.10single family5776417,135,197$6,700,000

17478 Miller Rd
1.10single family2784130,680$95,000

506 W Whillock St
1.10single family31728259,618$320,000

11887 Hazel Valley Rd
1.10single family32209123,275$290,000

4528 E Huntsville Rd
1.10single family4275289,734$299,000

17672 Beav-Rama Wc 545 Rd
1.13single family41860140,699$329,000

10804 Friendly Rd
1.10single family4375666,211$390,000

5808 S Cardwell Rd
1.08single family3192020,038$150,000

17482 Lookout Tower Rd
1.08single family329963,484,800$3,150,000

4600 E Huntsville Rd
1.10single family2112887,120$179,000

16265 Pin Oak Rd
1.08single family46126392,040$1,300,000

15760 Zimmer Rd
1.10single family360023,895,135$3,800,000

260 W Willoughby Rd
1.10single family44246476,546$1,400,000

3807 Wildcat Creek Blvd
1.08single family63357282,704$1,150,000

2798 N Sheryl Ave
1.13single family4326032,234$407,500

215 S Peerson St
1.10single family53527183,388$899,000

606 W Whillock St
1.10single family283723,087$100,000

1700 N Double Springs Rd
1.08single family3182950,094$255,000

2409 E Zion Rd
1.13single family56257253,519$1,500,000

867 N Fox Hunter Rd
1.10single family47396812,394$2,500,000

4846 E Woodsedge Rd
1.10single family3213148,352$329,900

59 Riverside Ests
1.13single family4363287,120$726,000
*This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.