The Best Value Properties in Sandy Springs, GA

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Just north of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Georgia is a city that frequently gets mentioned alongside Atlanta as a great place to buy an investment property and a great place to live. Sandy Springs is a city of 111,270 which has a familiar real estate story over the last year —low inventory, rapid rise in prices, multiple offers, and properties on the market for relatively few days. The most striking fact is an average of 59 days on the market last February down to only 14 days in February 2022. That's an almost 80% reduction.

With so much demand for real estate properties, it's clearly a seller's market. The most direct driver of demand is population growth and the Atlanta area is forecasted to have strong growth well into the future. Atlanta and its surrounding counties are expected to grow by almost 3 million people and 1.2 million jobs by 2050. This probability is not lost on city planners as the Atlanta area has a range of infrastructure improvements and expansions planned. The cycle of jobs bringing people and people bringing jobs appears to be coming full circle as the Atlanta area has a large number of construction jobs and construction projects in the works.

The bright outlook for the Atlanta area makes for an interesting investment target. Along with increased demand for purchasing homes comes increased demand for rentals. With price-to-rent ratios in the 13 to 20 range, conditions are exceptional for buying with an eye to rent. Essentially, rents are relatively high and prices, though they'vee been rising, are relatively low.

The Properties

It's rare for us to see such a disparity in zip codes within a single city like we see with Sandy Springs. For instance, 30327 presents a 2.8x value compared with a 1.0x for 30349. This pushes some of very high end properties right to the top of list due to their location. Despite their high prices, the location of these properties still delivers more value.

Property #1 and property #2 have similar profiles —very large homes in the most desirable zip code listed for well over a million dollars. They ask over the median, but they offer a lot in bedroom count and square footage, as well as location.

Property #3 is perhaps the most intriguing, however. With some stellar cap rate and cash-on-cash estimates, it looks like a great investment opportunity. For less than 25% of the median priced property on this list, you get a large move-in-ready condo. It has a more approachable price point for many people, and it's also in one of the better zip codes. Property #6 is a similar property in a higher rated zip code, but with slightly less favorable, though still great, cap rate and cash-on-cash return estimates.

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Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian HOA Fee
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Score**PropertyZipX**TypeCap Rate*SqFtCash-On-Cash Return*Price

700 S Brighton Ct NW
2.80single family3.837100-5.06$1,100,000

5645 Whitner Dr
2.80single family3.899603-4.75$1,899,999

725 Dalrymple Rd Unit 4

360 Kelson Dr
2.80single family2.615580-11.16$1,450,000

785 Riley Pl
2.80single family3.5512154-6.45$2,799,900

5556 Kingsport Dr

4795 Woodvale Dr NW
2.80single familyN/A4200N/A$1,075,000

7725 Wickley Way
1.57single family3.395416-7.23$799,999

7525 S Spalding Lake Dr
1.57single family3.465110-6.93$825,000

630 Glenairy Dr
1.63single family3.196263-8.27$1,250,000

1455 N Riverside Cir
1.63single family4.265155-2.9$989,000

8950 Ridgemont Dr
1.57single family2.424250-12.11$785,000

1510 Misty Oaks Dr
1.57single family2.996105-9.24$1,050,000

417 Oakmont Pl
2.80single familyN/A5300N/A$1,950,000

320 Benita Trce
1.63single family3.874274-4.85$750,000

639 Mount Paran Rd
2.80single family4.315508-2.65$1,599,999

310 W Berwicke Cmn
1.85single family3.575167-6.38$1,095,000

5995 Riverside Dr
1.63single family2.547400-11.53$1,800,000

305 Cannady Ct
1.57single family3.183871-8.3$799,900

5550 Cross Gate Ct
2.80single family2.384190-12.29$1,450,000

260 Rivermere Way
1.57single family2.258518-12.98$2,100,000

6520 Roswell Rd NE Unit 68

6900 Roswell Rd NE Unit D5

635 Londonberry Rd NW
2.80single family3.812899-5.14$889,000

5850 Kayron Dr
1.63single family0.286800-22.82$1,875,000
***This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.*Cap Rate and Cash-On-Cash Return are estimations given typical inputs, not a guaranteed number.