The Best Value Properties in Cincinnati, OH

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With home prices sharply up nationwide, it feels like a good time to look at a city that still has plenty of low-priced real estate properties that could be attractive for homebuyers or investors. Cincinnati has enjoyed steady job growth in recent years, but has not seen the huge increases in prices as many other cities have. It ranks just 178th out of 268 in that category. With only modest population growth of 4% over the last decade, this may be a window of opportunity to find a property before population growth drives demand for housing, and subsequently prices, higher.

As we noted in our last post, Cincinnati has been mentioned as one of the best cities for real estate investing in the U.S. Its low prices and demand for rentals shows potential for good cap rate numbers. It's also an appealing place for young professionals who, with their earning potential, can bolster rents and property values.

The Properties

Cincinnati is another city with a very wide variance in prices between its zip codes. As you'll see below, if you're willing to put some (or a lot of) work into a rehab property, there's plenty of potential for profit with renting or even just appreciation. The top 4 properties are all major rehab projects at incredibly low prices. Property #4, despite the higher price, could be the best of them all when considering its location in a 2.54 zip code (wow!). Check out our FAQs for an explanation of zipX and zip codes in our lists.

For a move-in-ready property, property #5 looks great at $47,000 which is about one eighth of the median price on this list. It appears to have a current occupant and may need some work, but it's habitable and very inexpensive. Even with a modest rent, it could be a profitable property. Property #11 is a great looking 3000+ square foot home for less than half the median price. It also happens to be a foreclosure currently taking auction bids.

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Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian Lot Size(SqFt)Median HOA Fee
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Score**PropertyZipX**TypeCap Rate*SqFtCash-On-Cash Return*Price

665 Steiner Ave
1.32single familyN/A1698N/A$27,000

1018 Sturm St
1.44single familyN/A2052N/A$38,500

1235 Lincoln Ave
1.90single familyN/A1637N/A$50,000

4348 Eastern Ave
2.54single familyN/A1856N/A$75,000

2358 Harrison Ave Apt 24

963 Fairbanks Ave
1.44multi familyN/A3317N/A$49,900

3742 Bonfield Dr
2.06single familyN/A1216N/A$50,000

2997 Wheatfield Dr
1.59single familyN/A950N/A$30,000

959 Wells St
1.44single familyN/A2160N/A$75,000

4110 Fergus St
1.61single familyN/A1792N/A$68,000

986 Avondale Ave
1.75single familyN/A3492N/A$175,000

3131 Hackberry St
1.66single familyN/A2294N/A$115,000

2312 Park Ave
1.90single familyN/A16299N/A$1,100,000

3129 Hackberry St
1.66single familyN/A2334N/A$115,000

22 Glen Este Pl
1.55single familyN/A1208N/A$48,000

38 E Clifton Ave
2.36single familyN/A1230N/A$89,000

544 Stewart Pl
1.75multi familyN/A2621N/A$85,000

6416 Rosewood St
1.44single familyN/A1424N/A$69,400

3131 Harvard Ave
1.66single familyN/A1264N/A$75,500

840 Lexington Ave
1.75multi familyN/A4478N/A$155,000

1619 Wyoming Ave
1.44single familyN/A1465N/A$80,000

3935 Ardmore Ave
1.75single familyN/A2766N/A$190,000

2549 Talbott Ave
1.55multi family5.3726681.04$85,000

3728 Borden St
1.61single familyN/A1234N/A$75,000

4124 Lora Ave
1.55single familyN/A785N/A$50,000
***This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.*Cap Rate and Cash-On-Cash Return are estimations given typical inputs, not a guaranteed number.