The Best Value Properties in Youngstown, OH - UPDATED

☕️ 3 min read By Noah Blumberg

Our January post about Youngstown, Ohio has been one of our most popular so we figured we’d take a look at the real estate properties available there once again. In this post, we won’t discuss the Youngstown economy like we did previously and will instead focus more on the properties themselves. At the top of the list you'll find several great deals in need of a significant rehab. You'll also find prices that are hard to match anywhere else in the country.

The Properties

Property #1 is a gorgeous old home with many original 1920s details. The interior needs a total redo and would be ideal for a contractor. With the property’s large home and lot size, it has great potential in one of Youngstown’s more desirable ZIP Codes. The incredibly low $15,000 starting price should motivate the right buyer to bring this beautiful old home back to life.

With a very low $93,000 median price, Youngstown has many opportunities for good deals around and slightly over the median price. Property #17 is in Youngstown‘s most desirable ZIP Code with a 2.86 zipX rating. This charming, move-in ready home could be a great alternative for someone not looking to do any rehab work. Even At about $20,000 over the median price on our list, there is still a strong value to be had.

Property #11 is the first turnkey, multi-family real estate property on our list. It’s a fourplex and is already fully rented out. Despite being well above the median price at $239,900, it’s still relatively cheap. With four tenants providing revenue and property values on the rise, it’s a very attractive investment opportunity.

Reading Resources

Here are the top 25 properties. To see them all or get a list for another city, order a custom list!
Median List PriceMedian SqftMedian Lot Size(SqFt)Median HOA Fee
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Score**PropertyZipX**TypeCap Rate*SqFtCash-On-Cash Return*Price

2300 Volney Rd
2.05single familyN/A3624N/A$15,000

168 Lowell Ave
2.47single familyN/A1521N/A$37,000

4011 Euclid Blvd
2.47single familyN/A1458N/A$33,387

1365 Forest View Dr
1.27single familyN/A816N/A$10,500

443-445 Ferndale Ave
2.05multi family15.562611N/A$60,000

515 Parkcliffe Ave
2.05single familyN/A1551N/A$49,900

99 Madison Ave
1.27single familyN/A1272N/A$19,900

3929 Mahoning Ave
2.33single family9.01241619.19$80,000

204 Funston St
1.00single familyN/A1664N/A$25,000

364 Broadview Ave
1.29single familyN/A1445N/A$30,000

852 Cook Ave
2.47multi familyN/A3584N/A$239,900

1941 Cherry Hill Ave
1.29single familyN/A672N/A$15,000

4453 South Ave
2.47multi familyN/A3498N/A$240,000

6 S Glenellen Ave
1.29multi familyN/A4700N/A$229,900

1128 Katherine Ave
1.27single familyN/A1152N/A$25,000

1204 Salt Springs Rd
1.29multi familyN/A3840N/A$150,000

2005 Thalia Ave
2.86single family6.9116248.64$114,900

7145 Glendale Ave
2.47multi familyN/A1950N/A$119,000

3114 Neosho Rd
2.05multi family6.9517328.88$84,900

34 W Judson Ave
1.08single familyN/A1366N/A$37,000

7355 Sierra Madre Trl
2.47single family9.191369N/A$82,500

3130 Nelson Ave
1.27single familyN/A720N/A$18,000

553 E Judson Ave
1.25single family15.391412N/A$45,900

119 Meadowbrook Ave
2.47single family8.14134014.81$85,000

1620 Country Club Ave
2.86single family8.0495614.3$82,500
***This table shows only few basic data points. Rankings are based on 22 data points and 7 calculations per property.**Find explanations of ZipX aka zip multiplier and Score here.*Cap Rate and Cash-On-Cash Return are estimations given typical inputs, not a guaranteed number.